I Was Going to Judge the Star Wars X Factor…

Ash have posted another interview on their official website this time with bassist Mark Hamilton. In the interview Mark explains when they will start releasing songs straight through the internet.

“I think next spring, once we’ve finished touring Twilight of the Innocents, we’ll probably start releasing stuff straight away. We’ve already got some songs that never actually got recorded for this album. As soon as we have the time, we can just go into the studio and start recording them.”

Mark also confirms “End of the World” as the next single and explains that the long-awaited Slashed horror film may get released.

“We’ll probably start getting a plan together for ‘End of the World’. We want to come up with some good creative ideas for that. And I’m going to finally edit the slash thing and put it up on YouTube. I think people should be quite interested to see a video of Chris Martin getting murdered!”