Deluxe Edition Of 1977 & Future Plans

Ash have been speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat about their plans for the rest of this year and early next year. The band confirm that they remain committed to a promise not to release any more albums, despite having more than enough new songs, instead they will concentrate on single track releases because as frontman Tim Wheeler explains “the way people listen to music has changed”.

Tim adds that “It’s been very freeing being away from the album format and not thinking, ‘Oh, this track has to fit with that track’. We’re just trying all sorts of crazy stuff. We’ve got one album worth so far but we want to get a double album worth of stuff.”  Drummer Rick McMurray also spoke of this new freedom suggesting “I think we have to go for it. You don’t have to ignore some songs because they don’t fit in with overall picture.”

The band gave the example of a new currently untitled song “We’ve also got a great disco song that Mark wrote, we’re not sure what it’s called yet but it’s really different for us.”

Tim Wheeler also explain the meaning behind the title of the new song the band have playing live all summer called “Ichiban”. “It’s Japanese for number one, it’s just a fun upbeat kind of song and its great to play live so we’ve been playing it at all the festivals so far”. The new songs should start to emerge around Spring next year.

Also in the interview it is mentioned that Ash’s former label is about to re-release a deluxe edition of their debut album 1977 in September, this will coincide with the two gigs the band are playing in London where they play the entire album in full. Wheeler said: “It’s a bit of nostalgia, we released it nearly 12 and a half years ago.”