Coldplay inspired by A-Z series single “Dare to Dream”

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has been speaking about the day he spent recently in the studio with Coldplay, who are currently recording their new album. Tim told BANG Showbiz:

"I showed up one day and they were working on a song which Chris was saying had taken a bit of inspiration from one of our recent A-Z Series singles ‘Dare To Dream’.

"I had randomly gone to the studio for lunch and it was the day they happened to be working on that song, so I sat in and jammed with them and Brian Eno, which was really amazing."

"All I’ve heard is this one track, and during that afternoon the song changed rhythm about four times. They have a very flexible way of working. They’ll go in one direction, then they’ll rip it up again."

Tim also explained how he’s been close friends with Chris since Coldplay’s first album, Parachutes, came out in 2000.

"Me and Chris met just after their first album came out, and became really good friends. We toured with Coldplay in America, and he’s sang on a couple of Ash tracks.

"We’re the same age and I think he even saw us play at the Astoria when he was at University. He’s always said he likes our music."