‘Arcadia’ voted #1 A-Z series single!

As Ash’s year long A-Z singles series drew to a close the band asked fans to vote for their favourite single from the series. The results are now in and the clear winner was Arcadia - letter C - and also a firm favourite in their live set.

Nico Jones from Big Button - who made the videos for "Return of White Rabbit" (which kicked off the series) and the Tron-esque ‘Binary’ - worked with bassist Mark Hamilton to produce a pacy, retro ride to match the track and indulge in some Star Wars fantasies.

The top five singles were as follows:

  1. Arcadia (C)
  2. True Love 1980 (A)
  3. Dionysian Urge (L)
  4. Joy Kicks Darkness (B)
  5. Binary (Q)